Craig M Berman

Co-Founder & Director of Retail Communication Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

As co-founder of RCS, Craig has spent the last 25 years dedicated to entrepreneurial encouragement and developing business platforms, optimizing his innate understanding of unlocking the people potential factor, defining markets, trends and innovation across multiple industries. Craig is responsible for the core business strategies in the communication sphere of many of the South African blue-chip businesses, including building the development arm for ABSA Private Bank, along with refining the key communication sales blueprint for Massmart’s retail division, Makro. Craig was equally instrumental in the internet start-up of Netactive and developed the operational blueprint for Hi Fi Corporation. In recent years, he was tasked to remodel the high-end residential property market intake strategy of the Auction Alliance, with the view to position and introduce the auction platform, as a favourable format to buy and sell high-end residential property.

Craig’s distinctive ability to formulate strategy, simplify complex theory, spot and nurture talent has always been a definitive edge. 

Tyrone Watkins

Co-Founder & Director of Retail Communication Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

Having achieved international status as South African leading talent in the creative and artistic arena. Tyrone, is well reveered for his unique ability to combine Creativity with Communication to interpret and deliver upon award winning product. With his extensive knowledge and expertise well defined. Tyrone has mastered the art of conceptualisation, defining strategy within the Communication, Media and Activations Divisions at RCS.

Tyrone, is a firm believer of effective development and resonates towards his passion to grow and devlop people to become the best they can be through the RCS platform. Having achieved the reputation of being one of South Africa`s great exports and contributors to the arts and conceptualising acclaimed homebrewed stage productions. Tyrone is more than qualified to produce, direct and project manage operations globally on behalf of RCS.

We believe in collaboration, synergy and the power of association.
With the combined focus of event activation as part of our global offering.